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Health Guarantee/Contract and Pricing Information

The cost for one of our Frenchies is $2,200.  A $400 deposit is required to hold your French Bulldog puppy until he/she is ready to become a member of your family. 

French Bulldog puppies cannot leave their mothers until they are eight-nine weeks old based on government guidelines and maturity of the puppy. Currently, THERE ARE NO AIRLINES THAT WILL FLY FRENCH BULLDOGS. When they reach maturity, we can schedule their ground transportation as early as the following week if it is available, the contract price and shipping costs have been paid, and the Health Guarantee/Contract is signed by the seller and buyer.

If in the event of weather not conducive for French Bulldogs, transportation will be booked as soon as possible.  Ground transportation runs from approximately $89 to $200. This is the ground transportation company that we use. You can go to their website for information and the states that they service. It is You can also pickup your new puppy. We will also deliver any puppy within 100 miles of our home. 

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via PayPal.  We do NOT charge a fee to use PayPal or major credit cards.  For using PayPal or Credit Cards, when payment is due, we will send a PayPal invoice to your email address with easy to follow directions to complete the transaction. Money orders, Cashiers Checks, and wire transfers are also acceptable and must be tendered early enough to ensure bank clearance of these instruments. If you (the buyer) decide to cancel before shipment of the puppy, your deposit will not be refunded but your deposit can be transferred to another French Bulldog puppy in the future.  

The following provide an easy way to understand the process involved in purchasing a French Bulldog puppy from MO French Bulldogs.

Step #1:  If you are interested in purchasing one of our French Bulldog puppies from a future litter, please complete the Puppy Questionnaire, which can be found at the below PDF link, and mail or fax it to us to the address or fax number indicated on the Puppy Questionnaire.

You will need an Adobe PDF Reader to open this file. Click the button below:

Step #2:  Once we receive your Puppy Questionnaire, we will contact you and discuss your application and the process required to purchase your French Bulldog Puppy. If you are approved for the purchase of a French Bulldog puppy from a future litter, you will be placed on our Waiting List and be kept well informed of our future litters.  You may remove your name from our Waiting List, at any time, by contacting us by mail or email.

Step #3:  If you are approved for the purchase of a French Bulldog puppy from a current litter, please send us your non-refundable $400.00 deposit. You can send your non-refundable $400.00 deposit using a Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or you can use your major credit card or PayPal. We do NOT charge a fee to use PayPal or major credit cards.

Step #4:  Once we receive your deposit and your deposit clears our bank, we will reserve your French Bulldog puppy in your name.  We will contact you to discuss the delivery options available as indicated on your Puppy Questionnaire.

Step #5:  Soon after your deposit is made and your puppy is reserved, please mail or fax your TWO signed Health Guarantee/Contracts.

You will need an Adobe PDF Reader to open this file. Click the button below:


​Step #6:  The remaining balance for your French Bulldog puppy is due during the puppy’s 5th birthday week, if your puppy is being shipped to you. Reservations need to be made to ensure the timely delivery of your puppy. After shipping reservations and all shipping costs are known, these costs will become due. If you are picking up your puppy or we will be meeting you to deliver your puppy, final payment may be deferred until delivery; however, cash or a USPS Postal Money Order will be required to complete the transaction. You can send your final payment before delivery using a Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or you can use your major credit card or PayPal.

Step #7:  Once the remaining balance and shipping costs have been received and cleared our bank, appointments will be scheduled with our Vet during the puppy's 8th birthday week for any vaccinations and de-worming that are due. Microchipping will take place at this time along with a checkup and completion of the Health Certificate.  We will be in contact with you during every step in our process. 

Step #8:  Along with your French Bulldog puppy, you will receive the following:

1.  A completed original Health Guarantee/Contract signed by the buyer and seller, which is also the buyer’s and seller’s proof of purchase.

2.  A Microchip record and Microchip registration information.

3.  An APRI registration form and 3-generation Pedigree of your Frenchie.

4. An up-to-date shot, de-worming, and weight chart from birth to eight weeks..

5.  A Vet certified Health Certificate of your puppy’s health.

6.  An appropriate travel crate if shipping by ground transportation.

7.  Information on your puppy’s diet, amount of food, training, and other information.

8. A small bag of your Frenchies current food for reference, mixing with other food if you choose to change his/her food, and feeding a brand that your Frenchie loves.

We use Allphin Veterinary Clinic, which is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Branson West, MO.  Dr. Owen L. Allphin, DVM, and his professional and courteous staff seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care, and dental care for their highly-valued patients. They are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care, and health-related educational opportunities for their clients. Allphin Veterinary Clinic strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Branson West, MO, and surrounding areas. Click on their below picture to go to their website.