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Our French Bulldog Story

Content copyright 2012. MOFRENCHBULLDOGS.COM. All rights reserved. By Joe Hreha

Our names are Joe and Vickie Hreha from Hollister, MO, hence the name of our website MO (Missouri) French Bulldogs. We are Hobby Breeders, which means we are not a puppy mill or multiple species breeder. We breed French Bulldogs with a goal to raise the best Frenchies that we can who will make the best companions.

We have raised all of our Frenchies since they were eight weeks old. We wanted the parents of our puppies to be raised in an environment with love, caring, warmth, and socialization. We raised our Frenchies in our home and not in a barn or outside kennel.

We scoured the Internet trying to find the best French Bulldogs to breed. We tried to find puppies that were consistent with the standards for the French Bulldog breed. We tried to find a Sire that was outgoing, smart, loving, and playful. We wanted the Sire to be Brindle in color and stunning.

We found such a puppy and named him Captain Levi, aka Levi.   Levi is perfect. He has four Champions (two AKC and two Imported Champions) in his Pedigree and he meets the French Bulldog breed standard. He loves to play and is very smart. He was easy to potty train and performs numerous tricks.  Levi is playful, yet he is a lap dog when it comes time to take a nap. He sleeps in our bed at night and yes, he snores, but who doesn't? Here are a couple of photos of Levi:


​Here is a short video of Levi when he was one year old.

​​We then started our search for the Dams. We wanted the same personality as Levi, but we wanted light colored females to help ensure that the offspring would be a mixture of dark and light Frenchies.

It took us a long time to find the perfect Dams. Their parents met the French Bulldog standards and they were loving and playful. There are eleven Champions in their Pedigree including AKC, Russian, International, and Imported Champions.  There were six puppies, but only four were females. We carefully chose the best two of the litter and brought them home.

​Their names are I Love Lucy, aka Lucy, and Miss Daisey Mae, aka Daisey. Lucy is on the left and Daisey is on the right in the first photo. Then the next two photos are individual photos of Lucy and Daisey, respectively. Please visit our Sires and Dams Page.


​Here is a video of Lucy and Daisey when they were six months old.

We recently added a third Dam. Her name is Miss Silly Sally, aka Sally. There are eight AKC and Imported Champions is her Pedigree. More information on all of our Sires and Dams can be found on our Sires and Dams Page. Here are a few photos of Sally.

Now, we have added a beautiful red fawn and white pied. Her name is Maggie May, aka Maggie. Her Mom was recently crowned a champion. We anticipate some beautiful and conforming Frenchies from Maggie. Here are a few photos of her.

​We are confident that the French Bulldog puppies produced from these Sire and Dams will be the very best for anyone looking for a friend for life. The puppies will be raised in our home with love and will be well socialized, playful, healthy, and ready to come live with you. It will be very difficult for us to part with any of them so please understand when it comes time for them to leave our happy Frenchie home.

Warmest regards,

Joe and Vickie Hreha
MO French Bulldogs
247 Potential Drive
Hollister, MO 65672
Phone: (417) 334-5676

P. S.  Be sure to check out our Welcome to Branson, Missouri, area description and video at the bottom of our Contact Us Page.

​Also, come check us out on Facebook and be sure to "LIKE" our Facebook page. Here is a preview: