After several months of looking for a Frenchie from a reputable breeder, I found MO French Bulldogs. I can’t tell you how very impressed I was after speaking with Joe. I could tell right off how much he and his wife loved their Frenchie’s. Their Frenchie’s are their family. They are hobby breeders, and very informed about the breed. I instantly fell in love with their Lucy. Joe informed me that she would be having her litter in August. I immediately put my name on the waiting list and the journey of becoming apart of the Frenchie family began. Joe kept me up to date throughput the process, from being next on the list, to watching my baby girl grow through pictures and videos. The whole experience was just wonderful from beginning to pick up. It doesn’t just end there, as they are always available to help with any concerns you may have after pick up. It was no coincidence that the name I picked out years ago for my puppy was Lucy. It was meant to be. My Lucy was born on Eclipse day, and came into our family at the right time. Lucy is a joy. She loves to play, cuddle, and get treats. She is so smart, at 11 weeks she was already doing tricks. She is so comical, and did I say very spoiled? She has captured our hearts, and I can’t even imagine life without her. Thank you Joe and Vickie for our precious Lucy.

Lisa and Jerry Wise, Mayfield, KY



Becoming part of the Frenchie family was an amazing experience, I was beyond excited the day Joe called telling me I had a puppy. Receiving updates and pictures of Axle each week made me feel apart of the experience and even more excited to finally meet him and bring him home! Axle has fully made himself at home here and even my cat has started to accept him and enjoys playing with him, and Axle certainly loves to chase her! My friends, family, and I absolutely adore Axle and I’m very happy to have made to decision to adopt a French bulldog! 

Michael (Mikey) Jones, Springfield, MO


Finding a breeder we trusted was very important to us since it involved our future family member!  Once we found our breeder it was the best experience we could have ever asked for! Joe went above and beyond to nurture the puppies and us as a buyer too. He kept everyone informed way before Sally even became pregnant. We continuously received updates throughout Sally's pregnancy. One of the most exciting moments was the phone call saying Leroy(Wrigley) was ours if we'd like. Joe made the wait for our puppy amazing as we always received photo's and updates like clock work. We even got puppy litter videos! Our family would gather around the computer to watch! Joe is so compassionate to his puppies and spoils them with love. These puppies were fully nurtured and engaged. (Love the ball pit for the pups!) Joe definitely went way above our expectations of a breeder but we appreciated it every step of the way and will always recommend mofrenchbulldogs!
Thanks Joe and Victoria you made our experience memorable! We love our little Wrigley!

The Williamson's

My husband and I always wanted a French Bulldog so I began researching for the perfect breeder. When I came across MoFrenchBulldogs I knew I had found the breeder we were looking for! Joe made the whole process wonderful and easy. When we picked out our Nila and we knew we had to wait 10 weeks to bring her home it was so nice to receive weekly pictures and the occasional video of the puppies playing together; it made the waiting process much easier and it was so neat to watch her grow. Nila is so sweet, adorable and very playful!! She has been the perfect addition to our home, we couldn't ask for a better puppy! 

Monica & Bryan Herr, Brentwood, MO






I couldn't have asked for a better breeder than Joe with mofrenchbulldogs!   Him and his wife were so helpful and were always keeping me updated on the progress of my puppy. Whatever questions I had, they made sure to answer them to the best of their knowledge, and are still helping me out today! Not only was I blessed with my new baby Khole, but I have also been blessed with a puppy from their last litter too, named Ryker. Both of them are adorable and as my vet says "the healthiest french bulldogs he's ever seen." I was updated weekly with adorable pictures and videos of my puppy. It made me feel almost like I was there watching them grow up.  If you're looking for a frenchie I definitely wouldn't go through anyone else but mofrenchbulldogs or else you might be disappointed.

Makaela Bailey, Coeur d' Alene, ID

Let me start out by saying Little Louie was the best surprise I could ever ask for. My husband got him as a surprise for me for Christmas.  Joe knew it was a surprise so he kept everything a secret.  He didn't post that he was bought and on Christmas Joe posted Little Louie's picture to my Facebook page and said surprise and Merry Christmas. The whole process from start to finish was amazing.  Joe was great.  He kept in constant contact with us and was always sending updated videos and pictures. Any questions I had Joe answered very promptly and with great detail.  He made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. I knew my Little Louie was being well taken care of and loved and the sheer joy that the puppies brought him was apparent. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for the perfect addition to their family. Little Louie is doing great.  He is pretty much using the wee wee pad every time and couldn't be loved anymore.  My husband and I love him!! 

The Signorettas and Little Louie, Bayonne, NJ


What a blessing Kingston has been to our family.  Joe helped us surprise our two children with this wonderful addition to our family.  His nature is perfect!! We already have one Frenchie...he quickly made headlines with her.  

The process to purchase him was so thorough, and his preparation as a puppy was immaculate.  I knew right away he and his wife were breeders we could trust.

Thank you for all you have done to make Kingston a wonderful bulldog for our family :) !!  I still use your whistle today!!  He has been well prepared for our nurturing family.

​Desera Nations, Jackson, MO

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"Lucy is such a good puppy! She’s sweet, very playful, and doing really well with potty training. The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful! I loved getting pictures and videos of my puppy every week. Joe made this process easy and enjoyable."

Kara Steelman, Nashville, TN



Luna is such a great addition to our family. Her silly, sweet, fearless personality fits right in with our children and they absolutely adore her. We are so fortunate to have come across Joe's website in our search for a Frenchie. He and his family truly love their dogs, are incredibly thorough, and take such great care of their puppies. Our vet was also impressed at what a healthy girl she is and how well Luna was cared for! The kids loved seeing her pictures and watching her grow before she was able to come to her furever home with us. We love her to pieces and will definitely go back to Mo French Bulldogs when we are ready to add to our family in the future. Thanks for everything, Joe!

​​Emily & Tanner Kabat, Viroqua, WI

​Joe and MOFrenchBulldogs, what can we say? How about the best experience of getting a dog we have had or ever heard of. This is more of an understatement because even if the price changed, and was twice as much, we would go with Joe and MOFrenchBulldogs again. Not because of the breed, not because of the sire or dame, but because the experience that Joe created for us.

Prior to deciding that MOFrenchBulldogs was the way to go, we like any buyers shopped around for a breeder for what we thought was reasonable. We checked countless websites, saw many beautiful puppies and looked into multiple breeders. We saw prices that seemed outlandish. We found practices unpractical (e.g. shipping a new puppy in a crate across the country). Even locally, we were disappointed; the average price was around $4,000 with some reaching $11,000. That’s not what we got with Joe, instead we paid a more than generous price that was the lowest we had seen in a 5-state radius, and what we ended up getting was an invaluable experience.

Joe provided us with an outstanding standard of practice in breeding and raising these dogs for future homes. Joe gave us updates multiple times a week via email, Facebook, and with pictures (which Joe gave a flashdrive of his time with her to us). Our Betty came to us both crate-and-paper trained. She also knew her name because Joe, after our selection and confirmation of name, began to call her that weeks before she came home with us.

In addition to Betty arriving to us such well-mannered and evidently cared for, Joe provided us with a Dog Guide containing all the information a new dog owner would need to know; e.g. training, preventative medication/shots, socialization techniques. Joe included a complete pedigree, shot record, and paperwork to track future shots and events for Betty. Even know both Kelley and I are previous dog owners, this was a great refresher since both Kelley and I had not had a dog in over a few years. Also, while picking up Betty, Joe also gave us breed specific information and tips not covered in the dog guide such as feeding and grooming practices to name a couple. That information has helped us out tremendously in acquainting Betty in her new home and new life with us.

And today, Betty is doing well. She lives in a dog-friendly neighborhood. And truth be told is spoiled with toys, treats and of course love! She’s welcomed her new home just as we have welcomed her to it. She got to go on her first walk last week (SHE LOVED IT) and also got to experience the vet a couple times now (wouldn’t call those as loving); but she’s adjusted very well with all the new things in her life. In part we feel we owe a lot of that temperament and trainability to Joe and MOFrenchBulldogs. We know Frenchies are a highly sought after breed and we now know why, but again we also believe Joe went above and beyond with the whole experience from pricing to training and would recommend his business and any of his Frenchies to anyone.

A HUGE thank you to you Joe. 

​Kelley Girardin & Justin Rhode, De Moines, IA 

I had been looking all over for a French Bulldog...seriously for a few months when I found out my Hairless Chinese Crested had lymphoma and there really wasn't any hope.  When she was near the end, my sister came across Joe and the last puppy available, my Emme.  I believe people and dogs are sent to you, whether through Devine intervention, or something else, but Emme was sent for a reason...maybe to heal a breaking heart, but she is here, and a pure joy.  Joe and his wife raised beautiful puppies, in a caring and nurturing home, keeping all of us informed with pictures and videos so we didn't miss a single moment in their lives.  I would never go anywhere else for a puppy.  He made this a better experience then I could have ever imagined and I thank him from the bottom and all other places in my heart.  Thanks Joe.

Deidre Ziolkowski, Round Lake, IL


Last year, we wanted to get a Frenchie to befriend our English Bulldog, Dave. We found MO French Bulldogs and purchased Mary. Mary and Dave became the best of friends. However, shortly thereafter, Dave got cancer and crossed the rainbow bridge. Mary was heartbroken. We contacted Joe and Vickie at MO French Bulldogs and purchased Teddy. Mary's heart is now healed. Teddy and Mary are truly bonded, and I am so glad that we have them. I just love these two, and it looks like the hurt in Mary's heart has been healed. Thank you for this blessing. I do love being part of your Frenchie family.

Cathy Burnside, Butler, MO 

The whole process of getting Hank was so smooth and easy! Joe provided pictures of Hank throughout the whole process and it made me that more anxious to get him. Hank has been such a good puppy at home and it really helped having him already crate and paper trained by the time I got him. People can't believe how mellow and well behaved Hank is as a puppy and I think it has a lot to do with Joe and his wife! I couldn't imagine not having Hank in my life and I'm so happy I got him at MO French Bulldogs!

​Kylee Bosworth, Raymore, MO

We are so thrilled with our new little edition! We were blessed with a smart, playful, social, and very healthy Frenchie. All of that is thanks to Joe and MO Frenchbulldogs. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. The care and attention they give each puppy and their new families is more than we could have asked for.  Bodhi brings us so uch joy, and we will always be frateful to MOFrenchBulldogs!

Jordan Estes, Branson, MO 


​​​​Bruce Wayne has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Our experience with mofrenchbulldogs has been excellent and very informative. They updated us with pictures of Bruce's progress.  If you are looking to own a beautiful and happy French Bulldog, you have come to the right place.  Bruce was a birthday/Christmas present to my husband and son.  The day my husband stepped off the plane after serving his fourth tour in a war zone, he was smiling ear-to-ear to finally have the happiest little puppy ever! Our American Pitbull, Smirnoff, loves him as her son!!! Thank you to mofrenchbulldogs for a wonderful experience.  Bruce is very happy in his furever home!

Ana & Cameron Brown, Clarksville, TN

Thank you so much for our wonderful Chloe! I've contacted many online breeders, before finding Joe, and was also left with a feeling of uncertainity. When I came across his webpage and contacted him, I completely trusted him. He made the process exciting and comforting. He was always there to answer my questions and provide me with information in a timely manner regarding the frenchies. I loved receiving the photos/videos each week. He made the experience extra special. I would recommend him hands down. My only regret is not buying two!

Lauren Brennan, Staten Island, NY



I am very slow to make an important purchase and it always entails lots of research.  After making the decision to add to our empty nest family, the next step was to begin the long process.  I came across MO French Bulldogs. After watching a few videos, I knew very quickly my search was over.  A very important detail to me was the Sires and Dams.  They all seemed happy, healthy, and well cared for.  Obviously they are part of the family and very much loved. Ruthie came to us knowing her name, crate and paper trained, very social, and even holds her own with our two mature cats. The process is like a well oiled machine.  Previous dogs in our family were all handpicked in person from the litters.  Choosing a puppy from a video seemed so impersonal and I was concerned that I would be able to make a wise choice.  I was very skeptical that the process would actually work for me.  However through the many videos, pictures, and email updates, I rapidly fell in love with all the puppies.  I would have been honored to own any of them.  Joe and his wife have it figured out. Thank you for going above and beyond to produce such happy, healthy puppies! 

Connie Ruebling, Columbia, MO  

We looked far and wide, trying to find a reputable breeder. We were so fortunate to have found Joe's site.  He was so easy to work with. He really treats his Frenchies as members of the family. Bindi is doing well, getting along with her older English "brother". She is energetic and loves her chew toys.

We love her!

Tim and Tommi Cline, 
Bethalto, IL


I’m so happy to have adopted Barb. She is completely adorable and has the funniest personality. She has made life a lot more fun by being in mine. Joe made the adoption process easy and fun with all of his updates and photos.

Thank you again!

Dani Brauss, St. Louis, MO

​We never thought we could love a puppy as much as our Bodhi, but then Bridgette came along and we knew we had room for more frenchie love! This is our second puppy from Joe and Vickie, and we have been thrilled each time! They are absolutely the best breeders I have ever known. They are so considerate to share weekly updates and give all of the attention and advice you could ask for when it comes to bringing home your new family member. We have two beautiful, loving, amazing French bulldogs that we wouldn't trade for the world, all thanks to Mo FrenchBulldogs!

Jordan Estes, Branson, MO 

​I moved to Missouri from Minnesota last year and was really missing my friends and family, so I decided to start looking for the french bulldog I have always wanted to keep me company. I came across Joe's website and was very impressed with everything I saw. He made the process easy and provided plenty of updates along the way.  It was obvious he and his wife love their dogs and take exceptional care of them and their puppies. Getting Lacee was the best decision I could have ever made. She is such a good puppy and we have such a strong bond already. Definitely a Frenchie owner for life and I wouldn't go through anyone else but MO frenchbulldogs! ​​​

​Melinda Robbins, Springfield, MO



​After my first conversation with Joe at MO French Bulldogs I knew that I had found the perfect breeder.  His girls are only bred once a year and are constantly monitored once the puppies are born.  They are raised by the family and are well socialized and anxiety free.  Our little guy, Cowboy, walked in our home and became friends with our cat first thing.  He goes outside and meets other dogs and is not defensive or scared of them.  Just an overall well adapted boy.  I was lucky enough to have him paper trained when I picked him up at the airport.  Joe kept in constant contact with me from the moment the females were inseminated until the moment he arrived in California.  I can't imagine dealing with anyone else.

Darlene Galaviz, Fallbrook, CA



Getting Roxy was one of the best decisions we ever made. Her and John are inseparable and truly BFF's. The experience we had with Joe and his wife at MO French Bulldogs was amazing.  From updates on progress, videos and pictures to their dedication to our "daughter" was A++.  They spent 12-hour shifts with the puppies...kept them in a climate controlled room and never left them alone.  We knew she was in good hands and couldn't ask for a better couple to foster her until she came home with us.  We would recommend them to anyone interested in getting a Frenchie and mention them anytime we have family and friends ask us.

Wendy Lindsey and John McCurdy, Ozark, MO


Joe made getting my Frenchie, Ryker, a very pleasant experience. I received pictures and videos as my puppy grew and was kept updated with any new information. Every question I had Joe answered thoroughly.  I now own a very healthy, loving, and happy French Bulldog. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't go through anybody other than mofrenchbulldogs. Thank you for bringing me my amazing new family member!

Kameron Hauck, Coeur D'Alene, ID