Sally and Levi are the parents of these beautiful Frenchie puppies.


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Wrigley is the largest puppy in this litter.  He weighed 8.2 ounces at birth. He is also the only boy.  He is a handsome Brindle Frenchie.

Clover weighed 7.1 ounces at birth and was the 3rd largest puppy. She is also the only Cream colored Frenchie.  


Mary was sold to Cathy Burnside of Butler, MO.

Bridgette was sold to Jordan Estes of Branson, MO.  Jordan is also the owner of Bodhi from our 2014 litter.

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Wrigley was sold to Shane and Natasha Williamson of Bettendorf, IA.

Nila was sold to Bryan and Monica Herr of Brentwood, MO.

Bridgette is our most stunning Brindle. She has white paws, chest, and forehead. She is a beauty and weighed 5.4 ounces at birth. The smallest Frenchie of the litter.

Emme was sold to Deidre Ziolkowski of Round Lake, IL.



Mary is also Brindle in color.  She weighed 6.1 ounces at birth and was the 2nd smallest puppy. 

Nila is also a Brindle Frenchie. She weighed 7.4 ounces at birth and was the 2nd largest Frenchie baby. 




Emme weighed 6.7 ounces at birth and was the 4th largest Frenchie. She is a Brindle Frenchie. 



Clover was sold to Lisa and James Kelley of  St. Louis, MO.